Our Story

Everything In Bliss started out as just a name for me, a name I loved, a name I wanted to grow, a name I eventually wanted everybody to know. I’ve always had a love for fashion, for making people feel beautiful and always had dreams of one day having my own boutique, and calling it Everything In Bliss. Bliss; is a state of complete happiness or joy, so for me the only other word that came to mind was everything, not just one thing, but everything you do, do it with joy, do it with pure happiness.

Although Everything In Bliss was just a name, something most people had never even heard, to me it was something special, even though it hadn’t become much of anything yet.


Why Everything In Bliss...


In 2018, my daughter was born. Which gave me a whole new meaning of life, and a fire in my heart that was striving for greatness, because after the first moment I saw her I knew I never wanted to spend another moment away from her so, I started my search on ways I could work from home, and suddenly I remembered Everything In Bliss.

I started with making things for my daughter to wear,  cute graphic onesies & tees, headbands & bows, and pretty much anything else I could put a monogram on. I shopped at baby boutiques I found to love, took TONS of pictures, and fell so deeply in love with baby/toddler fashion. It really just became part of me, super fast!

So I hope I can share this love with you. Thanks for growing with us!



Hannah Ferguson
Everything In Bliss


Now offering baby, toddler, & tween boutique clothing for all the special babies in your life. 

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.."

-Marilyn Monroe


Custom Orders Available



Infant Bodysuit

I offer custom sublimation and heat transfer vinyl.



I offer custom sublimation and heat transfer vinyl.


Bulk T-shirt Orders

I offer sublimation with a minimum order of 10 shirts, t-shirt’s will be at least 50% polyester.


Bulk Discounts Available

Prices vary depending on size & design.


We reserve 2-3 business days for a response. We would love to guarantee a response sooner, however, that isn't always possible. Most inquiries are responded to within 24-48 hours unless we are heavily backed up, out of town, etc.


Washing Instructions

Wash on gentle cycle, inside out, with a mild detergent. Remove from the washer immediately. Tumble dry / low heat.